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Hard Chisses

Parmesan   Pecorino   Romano

ADP sources Cheese from a variety of companies within Australia and New Zealand that is matured and full flavoured.

Whether it be Pecorino, Romano, Parmesan or a blend, ADP offers a range of products to suit. Specific blends can be made to suit a customers requirements, using several cheese varieties or sources. As the Bulk Cheese varies from batch to batch these differences can be minimised with blends.

Shredded Parmesan can be supplied as a fine shred for topping on a Salad or Pasta to a course shred for adding flavour to Biscuits or Ready to Eat Products.

Shaved Parmesan is perfect to add on a salad, Pasta dish or for extra flavour on a Pizza.

Grated Cheese can be supplied in a variety of flavour profiles from a mild to a full flavoured blend of Pecorino/Romano/Parmesan flavour profiled to match a customers requirements.

Grated cheese can be used as an ingredient in Pesto, Dips, Sauces or just to top a Pasta dish.

Product Specification

Parmesan  |  Pecorino  |  Romano
Nutritional Information
Format Shredded Grated Shaved
Quantity per 100g 100g 100g
Energy 1620kj 1600kj 1620kj
Protein 35.3g 29.5 35.3g
FAt   -Total 27.5g 22.2g 27.5g
- Saturated 17.6g 14.2g 17.6g
Carbohydrate  -Total < 1g 16.0g < 1g
- Sugars < 1g 6.2g < 1g
Sodium 1060mg 880mg 1060mg
These values should be used as a guide only. (Typical for Parmesan)

Packaging | Shredded | Shaved

6 x 1kg bags per box Or as per customer requirements, including portion packs

Packaging | Grated

12 x 1kg packs per box
6 x 2kg bags per box
1 x 10kg bags per box
Or as per customer requirements, including portion


Cheese (Milk, Salt, Cultures, Renner), Anti-Caking Agent.
Shredded | Shaved
Cheese (Milk, Salt, Cultures, Renner)
Manufactured in Australia from Australian & Imported Ingredients

Shelf Life
6 months when stored under refrigerated conditions.
Opened bags to be consumed within 7 days.
Sensitive Population Identified
This product will affect people with allergies to milk and milk products.

Halal certified

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