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Parmesan | Pecorino | Romano


ADP supplies a variety of dairy products for our manufacturing customers. Through our modern processing and packing facility we are able to shred, grate or shave cheese products to most requirements.

We are able to shred, dice or cube a range of cheeses including Hi Melt, Fetta, Cheddars, Mozzarella and the Hard Cheeses, Parmesan, Pecorino and Romano.

Blends of cheese can be produced at ratios to suit functionality requirements in the end product. Whether your requirements are for a cheese to be cooked on the outside of a product, a cheese to add flavour to a sauce, a cheese to melt though the product on cooking, or a cheese to hold its body when cooked, ADP can supply a product and shred that best suits your requirements.

We are able to vary our pack weight to pack product that matches your batch sizes, thus eliminating carry over of part bags. We are using Chep and other IBCs to supply several manufacturing customers that eliminates the cost of deboxing and minimises handling and lifting in your plant.

Coloured Film

ADP offers its manufacturing customers a choice of film colours. Coloured film bags can easily identify different products. Coloured film bags are also used so that any accidental bag film contamination from bag cutting or emptying is easily seen.

6 x 2kg bags per box
2 x 5kg bags per box
2 x 6kg bags per box
70 x 5kg in a CHEP Bin
35 x 10kg in a CHEP Bin
Or as per customer requirements

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Specialty Products

ADP is able to dice or crumble fetta and pack it to your desired weight.

Hi Melt
ADP is able to cube or shred Hi Melt cheese and supply it to your desired weight.

Cheddar / Mozzarella Blends
ADP is able to blend different cheddars and mozzarella to ensure the product meets your desired functionality and flavour profiles.

Hard Cheese Blends-Parmesan/Pecorino/Romano
ADP is able to blend grated cheeses to meet specific flavour profiles. We also have the flexibility to pack it to suit your requirements.

Sensitive Population Identified
This product will affect people with allergies to milk and milk products.

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